theOmelet is an independent media firm based in Toronto focused on innovation and modernization. We are a creative hotline of cultures seeking to make an impact through video.

For over 11 years, we have been serving up fresh content to corporations, individuals, and global markets.

Our collaborative, diverse and experienced professionals know how to tailor video content for every subset imaginable. We offer customized solutions to all industries that require video production and content. We are the creators who will help tell your brand’s story.

With over 2500 videos under out belt, we are always seeking new ways to leverage platforms and plan to incorporate Artificial Intelligence as it becomes available. We are always on the cutting edge of technology and evolving along with the medium.

theOmelet owns and operate brands serving special interests and clients across all spectrums. Our mission is to become a leading media corporation through creating, producing, and marketing compelling content across all global digital platforms.

Our Brands


Making corportate videos no longer boring.


Showcasing influencers in their best light. Get all the likes.


Advertising & marketing videos created to convert.


Online education content.


We capture the first important milestone in adult life.


Live streaming and video production for the live event, music and radio world.


Video solutions for retail stores.


Recruiting only the best through video.


Warping to the future with 3D & VR content.


Real estate need videos to rock.


Order your drone footage of anywhere in the world


We showcase your automobile in a pro way.


No wedding is complete without video memories.

Peace Love Media

Helping loved ones say goodbye through funeral media solutions.


Our first-class team of editors complete your projects with post-production and graphic design.


Extensive creative solutions within 24 hours.


A platform helping creative freelancers find their next gig.


A platform for videographer collaboration and footage sharing.


We turn everything into video with AI


Our state-of-the-art video editing app with AI included.


Founded in 2009, theOmelet serves as a cultural crossfire of digital content.

With so much noise in the world to distract and divide us, theOmelet uses video as a means of uniting people and experiences. We believe video is the ultimate marketing tool for businesses, government, groups, and individuals to express themselves. We’ve created more than 2500 videos since our inception. After 11 years, we have become one of the most respected brands in the video production arena.

Our Value

Global Approach

theOmelet is a global media firm with hands on two sides of the continent. We create an abundance of content for the Chinese market on North American education and lifestyles. No matter your language, video has the means to bring people together. We serve to enhance communication through video.


Having worked with over 700 industry professionals, we know how to spot the best. At theOmelet, we only work with top tier talent. All of our talented directors, videographers, editors, motions designers, developers and marketing specialists are experts in their respective fields.


theOmelet boasts a world-class team with diverse cultural backgrounds, who are familiar with the nuance and perspectives we care about.


theOmelet is a melting pot of cultures and creatives who are passionate about their work. We love to merge ideas with our clients and welcome collaboration at every turn.

Tech and Art

We mix the most cutting edge video technologies with the best artistic voices. Our job is to keep our fingers on the pulse of the latest tools to help us continue to push the envelope of what’s possible in video production.


It should come as no surprise that the entire team at the theOmelet is one of perfectionists. We make every video as if its our last, and don’t complete the project until it’s worthy of theOmelet stamp.

Need Video?

Reach out to our creative hotline for fresh and innovative content.
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